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What does your Hairmud Mudmask do?

Hairmud contains all the vital vitamins and nutrients that your hair needs to grow stronger, longer and thicker. Our unique formula has produced fantastic results for our babes, reporting hair that appears healthier, thicker, longer, shinier more manageable and faster growing as a result of using Hairmud.

How do I use Hairmud?

Depending on which product you purchase you will receive a step-by-step instruction card. Our hairmüd mask is added to damp hair, left for 8-10 minutes and rinsed off. Use 2-3 times weekly.

How much do I use?

This will depend on your hair length and hair thickness. A standard portion is 25g, which is about the size of a golf ball (2-3 squirts into an open hand).

Some people will use less, some will need more. The important part is ensuring that you apply your Hairmud from roots to ends, as the ingredients in Hairmud benefit your scalp too. However, if you are prone to oily hair, you might find that applying only to the ends suits you better.

How long should I leave my Hairmud in before shampooing & conditioning?

We recommend 10 - 20 minutes. The longer, the better! We recommend passing time with multiple selfies.

I have hair extensions, can I still use Hairmud?

You sure can! Hairmud is extremely beneficial for natural hair, as well as hair extensions.

Hair extensions often become dry and brittle because they don't receive the natural oils and nutrients from the scalp, the same way real hair does. Hairmud nourishes and helps maintain the lustre of your human tape and weave hair extensions.

What happens if I stop using Hairmud?

If you stop using Hairmud you may struggle to grow hair to the same extent as when you were using Hairmud. Hairmud creates the perfect environment to grow longer, healthier, thicker hair with less shed and breakage.

Who can use Hairmud?

Hairmud wants all babes to have gorgeous hair so it is suitable for ALL hair types, women and men. Hairmud is a natural product. We do, however, advise that you do not use this product if you are under 12 years old.

Are you products all natural?

Though all our products are packed with natural ingredients they are not 100% natural. We do add certain ingredients to make sure the product is working to its best ability. All the ingredients we use are clinically tested and 100% safe.

How fast will my hair grow using Hairmud?

One inch of growth per month on average, however results vary in each individual so it could be even more, don't forget to share you hair growth journey with us on Instagram (tag #mudbabe and @hairmud).

How long should I use Hairmud for?

Everybody's hair growth journey is different and it completely depends on the style you want. However using Hairmud for a minimum of 3 months will give you optimum results so we recommend that this is the best time frame, because this is when results really start to show.

Don't forget that Hairmud not only makes your hair longer but healthier and thicker with less shed or breakage too. Therefore you can continually take Hairmud and maintain the healthy environment that your hair needs to be able to grow.

Where can I buy Hairmud Original?

Hairmud can be purchased from here on our website, with links from all Social media platforms.

Does Hairmud cure baldness?

No, it does not. Hairmud is designed to help support the growth of hair on your scalp. If you have lost a substantial amount of hair, consult your GP as this could be a medical condition.

Is Hairmud cruelty free?

Yes! We love animals just as much as babes.