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My journey began in 2016 (yes, I’m a baby, I know…) when my founders realised that there was an overwhelming amount of natural beauty products for your skin, but not a great deal for your hair.

Now I’m not going to tell you how important your hair is; you already know that by now. That’s why we met, right? The search brought my founders to the Middle-East. The Dead Sea, to be precise. The mineral-rich water, low-barometric pressure, oxygen-rich air and reduced ultraviolet levels, creates an environment that is renowned for its therapeutic properties and healing qualities. They scooped me up, added natural vitamins, oils and minerals.

I’m a unique and blend of all the right ingredients to help fight the damaging effects of pollution, stress and UV rays (a babe’s worst enemy). I do a lot of things, but most importantly, I add shine, strength and thickness. So meet me where you like (although I do prefer the bathroom) and let’s get dirty.

I'm now also available in a Shampoo and Conditioner!

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I’m a specially formulated, naturally occurring super-mud with added minerals and essential vitamins.

  • Roasted Argan oil

    Naturally smoothes flyways and nourishes hair

  • Organic Dead Sea mud

    Mineral rich formula absorbs excess oil and removes dirt & toxins

  • Olive leaf extract

    Moisturises and hydrates hair follices from roots to ends to add incredible luster and shine

  • Almond oil

    Promotes hair growth & improves overall quality

I’m all natural, I don’t harm the environment and I’m never tested on animals, only babes.

  • You can recycle me

    Don't be trashy. Recycle me. Look after the environment and it'll look after you.

  • I'm vegan friendly

    Vegan Friendly Ingredients. Relying only on Nature's goodness, I don't contain nasties.

  • i don't cost the earth

    All our ingredients are sustainably sourced.

  • I love bunnys

    You've probably heard by now that I'm never tested on animals.

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